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Army soldiers line up to board a C-130 aircraft.


  • USMEPCOM and Recruiting Partners Streamline Waiver Process

    When an applicant qualifies for military service at a MEPS, they sign their contract, take the Oath of Enlistment, and go home not as an applicant but as a future service member enrolled in their Service’s Delayed Entry Program (DEP). If an applicant is medically disqualified at a MEPS, they go home

  • Seven online courses every Air Force leader should take

    If you’re looking to grow as a leader, consider enrolling in one of AETC’s free DigitalU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Education and Training Courses. Any Airman—active duty, reserve, guard or civilian—can enroll in one of the 22 online courses specifically designed for people-focused leaders.

  • myEval 1.0 Pause and IMA/PIRR Evaluations

    Below is a message regarding the pause for myEval 1.0.  Please read it completely.  IMAs and PIRR need to know that the active component (AC) is NOT moving backing to the use of vPC for its evaluations.  However, the Air Reserve Component (ARC) is going to use vPC.  Therefore, it's imperative that

  • Air, Space Forces transition to AFWERX 3.0

    AFWERX will release a series of new initiatives in support of its 3.0 evolution. Air and Space Force leaders will detail new opportunities for stakeholder engagement during a live broadcast Dec. 14.

  • DAF senior leaders amplify SecDef directives for reproductive health care

    Today, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III announced that the DoD would ensure service members and their families can access reproductive health care within its authority and consistent with applicable federal law, in addition to clear guidance for health care providers to operate effectively.

  • CMSAF Leadership Library: October 2022

    Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass presents three new additions to the CMSAF Leadership Library: "Sandworm," "The Sun Does Shine," "Extreme Ownership," "Dignity," "Wolfpack," "Athena Rising," "TED Talks Daily" and "Coaching for Leaders."