myEval 1.0 Pause and IMA/PIRR Evaluations

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Below is a message regarding the pause for myEval 1.0.  Please read it completely.  IMAs and PIRR need to know that the active component (AC) is NOT moving backing to the use of vPC for its evaluations.  However, the Air Reserve Component (ARC) is going to use vPC.  Therefore, it's imperative that you speak with your AC supervisor and CSS to ensure that they process your evaluation in vPC and not in the Case Management System (CMS), which is what the AC is going to use.
Messaging is going out to the AC CSS offices with this information, but we strongly suggest that you follow up to ensure your evaluations are routed in the correct manner.  If you have any questions, contact your detachment.
Effective immediately, HAF/A1 has directed further development of myEval 1.0 be paused and replaced by version 2.0. Version 2.0 is currently being developed from scratch and will not be an updated version of 1.0. 
In response, to provide the best support to all ARC members, ARPC is reopening vPC for submission of evaluations.
Routing Evaluations:
All previous evaluations routed in vPC which were not pulled/deleted to transfer to myEval are still available in vPC and can continue to route for finalization in vPC. Additionally, myEval version 1.0 will remain "live" through 15 January 2023 to allow for current evaluations in progress to be removed from the myEval system and routed through vPC. Any evaluation not finalized in myEval needs to be deleted in myEval and re-accomplished in vPC using ePub forms.
ARPC will submit evaluations to ARMS/PRDA as they are received. As per the AFI, FSSs and members are responsible for the accuracy of all data. ARPC will not perform quality checks or return reports for corrections. Once an evaluation becomes a matter of record, the only way in which it can be corrected is to submit an ERAB. Thus, please ensure all evaluations are appropriately reviewed prior to signing.
Offline Processing:
Units may continue to utilize the temporary evaluation "offline process" to expedite evaluations for ARC members who: are meeting a board in the next 60 days, or whose signatory chain PCSd (not PCAd), starts terminal leave, or separates in the next 60 days. 
Evaluations must be emailed to

The subject of the email must be: myEval Offline Processing Request, RANK, LAST NAME, FIRST NAME.
The body of the email must include:  The members name, rank, and a detailed justification.
Upon justification approval, the submitter will be contacted by ARPC and provided additional guidance for evaluation submission.
Only approved FSS/MPF leadership or equivalent are authorized to submit the myEval Offline Processing Request.
We recognize your Airmen's time is valuable and we believe these changes are the best way to support you as we work through the development of myEval. To ensure Airmen are not negatively impacted by these process changes, ARPC will continue to expedite evaluation processing related to FSSE inquiries, Promotion Boards, Screening Boards, Development Teams and ERABs.
For more information, please contact your CSS or MPF.