A C-130 Hercules navigated by Col. James DeVere goes under a water archway provided by the 21st Space Wing.


Prioritization Plan

The following procedures govern the 302 AW Public Affairs office as the lead for PA activities and resources in support of units assigned to the 302nd Airlift Wing, Peterson Space Force Base, Colo.


Public Affairs provides support and services based on the prioritization classified by direct and indirect mission requirements. Support is contingent upon requirements outlined in Public Affairs instructions found in Joint Publication 3-61 and the 35-series AFIs as well as the availability resources, manning, and prior scheduling. Any exceptions to this policy must be directed by the 302nd Airlift Wing commander.

Priority I – Communication Planning Support for wing leadership providing insight and distribution for mission, vision and priorities that align with MAJCOM and NAF lines of effort. Highlight wing priorities via external and internal programs. (AFI 35-101 Chapter 2)

Priority II – Media Operations Support for daily media interactions involving 302 AW mission assets, such as the Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS) training and high level visibility among full-time reservists and traditional reserve members. Focus on media training and informing new members on proper etiquette involving local/high level news inquiries. (AFI 35-101 Chapter 3)

Priority III – Community Engagement Focus on maintaining civic leader program, Partner's in Leadership, by engaging with local community members and inviting them to appropriate wing events and tours. Provide valuable social media and web content to promote engagement outside of physical tour program. (AFI 35-101 Chapter 5)

Priority IV – Non-Essential Tasks Routine support for unit-level command information, wing-level official recognition programs, news and recruiting. This generally includes routine communication with internal and external audiences. (Local PA Operating Instruction)

Priority V – Self-Help Services All other production services not outlined above. These requests may need to be fulfilled through self-help services. (Local PA Operating Instruction)


The Public Affairs office will be manned during normal duty hours throughout the week with designated hours for weekly physical training and monthly training. A PA representative will be on-call 24 hours per day, seven days per week (including holidays), and will accomplish emergency services as required by installation PA, 302nd Security Forces, the safety office, and/or wing leadership. During non-duty hours, the on-call PA representative can be contacted through the command post. Refer all alert requests to installation PA first / DSN 834-5185.

Requesting Public Affairs Support

Support requests should be submitted to the 302 AW/PA email at 302aw.pa@us.af.mil as far in advance as possible; requests for visual information support must be submitted with a completed Air Force Form 833. Advance notice provides PA the ability to ensure the necessary equipment and personnel are available. Failure to coordinate in advance will reduce the likelihood that the event can receive PA support. Consumer-grade still and video equipment is available for self-help use on a first-come, first-served basis when the PA staff is already scheduled to support higher or equal priority tasks.

Alert Photography

Alert photos should be requested through installation Public Affairs by SFS, Fire Department, AFOSI, Command Post, Wing Safety, Family Advocacy or the 302 AW CC/CCV.


In accordance with AFI 35-109 and DOD 5500.07 Joint Ethics Regulation, government-funded Public Affairs and Visual Information resources will not be used to:

−Provide souvenirs, personal gifts, mementos, or farewell gifts. Examples include “hero” shots in front of aircraft cockpits.

−Support or document farewell parties or social events unless certified as newsworthy or having historical significance by the wing historian or Chief of PA. When an event is determined to be historically significant, resources may be provided to meet official news or documentation requirements only.

−Create products used primarily for entertainment during farewell parties or social events, including, but not limited to, presentations, slides, photo albums, departure videos.

−Support MWR/Services-sponsored recognition programs.

−Support commercial or non-government entity activities IAW Joint Ethics Regulation.

−Graphics of any kind.

Image Alterations

Air Force Public Affairs offices are trusted agents, and personnel are expected to capture and depict accurate situations. PA personnel create products that can be used in legal proceedings and critical decision-making, absolute trust and confidence, and truthfulness of products they create is essential to maintaining public trust and support through transparency. Official imagery may not be altered, unless it is specifically exempted by Department of
Defense Instruction 5040.2, Visual Information. Examples of requests that will not be supported include changes to personal appearance in an official portrait and digitally adding or removing content to a photo or changing the photo in a way that misrepresents facts or circumstances of the event captured.

Use of Copyright Materials

Use of copyrighted media requires licensing agreements and explicit permission. Music and programs recorded from broadcasts are copyrighted, and obtaining the source recording does not confer any right to reproduce, transfer, or otherwise use or perform the recorded material, either as a whole or in part. Refer to AFI 51-303, Intellectual Property – Patents, Patent Related Matters, Trademarks, and Copyrights, for further guidance.

Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Support

MWR and Services activities are authorized support for Priority III – Routine Tasks and base community support activities as defined by Community Relations programs. The PA office can support as long as the activity does not generate revenue. Refer to AFI 65-106, Appropriated Fund Support of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) and other Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFIS) for further information.

Administrative Functions

Public Affairs coverage and support of products used for personnel/administrative actions requires Chief of PA or 302 AW Commander approval/recommendation to include photo or video support.

Official Requests and Mission Support

Public Affairs will initiate coverage on the following annual historic and cultural anniversaries in coordination with the Wing Strategic Calendar and the attached Event and Milestones Calendar.

− Wing Award Ceremonies. A photo of each individual with wing leadership and one group photo will be uploaded and made available online.
− Wing Induction Ceremonies. Official ceremonies only for NCO, SNCO, and E-9. A photo of each individual with wing leadership and one group photo will be uploaded and made available.
− Change of Command. Photo support is limited to 302 AW Squadrons and above. Video support is not provided. Live coverage provided pending equipment and man-power availability.
− Retirement Ceremonies. Photo support will be provided for E-9 or O-6 and above, all other ceremonies will be documented per man-power availability. Self-help equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for unsupported requests. Video support will be determined by the Chief of PA.
− Promotion Events. Photo support for individual promotion ceremonies will be limited to E-9 or O-6 and above.

Groups and Events
−Squadron/Group Photos. Photo support will be limited to squadron and above only. One photo per unit will be taken once annually to document the incoming or outgoing commander of the unit. WSA units will be treated as squadrons.

−Commander Calls. Photo coverage will be provided for the wing-level or higher.

−Dining In/Out. Photo coverage will be provided for the official heritage and tradition segments of the event for historical archival and social media. No individual or family photos will be taken.

−Observances. Military and national-level observance events deemed newsworthy or historical by the Chief of PA. Products will be generally used for social media publication and historical archive. All other events will be self-help only.

Additional Support
−Distinguished Visitors. Photo documentation for historical and informational purposes only, as designated by the Chief of PA. No mementos in accordance with AFI 35-101,Visual Information.

−Spotlights. One digital photo per person with the wing commander.

−Livestreaming. Dependent on PA staffing, WiFi availability, and may be unavailable due to mission requirements and the current information environment.

−Photo/Video Duplication. Digital media (CDs or DVDs) will be provided for Priority II tasks and above. All other photos can be pulled from social media or the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service online. Requesting agencies must provide their own resources for duplication.

−Self-Help Equipment. Equipment for check out is available for official government use when 302 AW/PA is unavailable due to mission requirements and restrictions. Self-help equipment is available for use on Peterson SFB only. Cameras will be inspected and in operating condition prior to issue and upon return. Customers must complete an AF Form1297. Cameras are issued for a maximum of 24 hours. Customers are not authorized to perform equipment maintenance and are fully responsible for the equipment in their possession.

Studio Photography

The 302 AW/PA office does not have the capability to provide official photos or studio photography. Members will need to schedule with the Peterson SFB Photo Studio located in Bldg 350 next to the 21st Military Personnel Flight: (719) 556-4154 / DSN 834-4154

Unofficial Requests

Public Affairs will not cover unofficial requests, and all deviations in the following categories must be approved by the 302 AW commander in writing:
− Interior Design/Decorations (i.e. posters, signs, vehicle placards, displays, prints of unit logos, etc.)
− Support to private or non-profit organizations
− Photo boards unless required by AFI or regulation
− Individual promotion or retirement ceremonies

Public Affairs does not have the necessary manning to provide support as meeting hosts (Zoom, Teams, etc.) and will not host training sessions via live social media streaming. For these types of video or meeting requests, please reach out to the 302nd Communications Flight or within your group/squadron for assistance.