302nd Airlift Wing reveals updated mission, vision and priorities

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  • By 302nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
  • 302nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

In a message to members of the 302nd Airlift Wing, Col. Christopher Zidek, 302 AW commander, revealed the wing's latest mission, vision and priorities.

"After several weeks of deliberation, and inputs from you, Chief Scalise and I are ready to unveil our new 302nd Wing Mission and Vision Statements:

MISSION:  Provide world-class airlift and combat support

VISION:  Premier Airmen committed and ready

For the mission statement, we desired something simple, relevant, enduring and inclusive about “what” we do, broadly as a wing. Ultimately, we wanted something that Airmen could easily remember and relate to. “World-class” means being of the highest caliber professionals, providing ready and proficient forces, and capabilities to the combatant commander, when and anywhere in the world when called upon. Bottom line: as humble, approachable and credible Airmen, the 302 AW always leads the way! “Airlift” represents our C-130 crews, AE Squadron and maintenance teams, who provide rapid, agile, global mobility power, on demand. “Combat support” represents the many critical roles which our wing plays such as FSS, CE, OSS, APS, LRS, SFS, Air Wing Staff, Comm and ASTS, who all underpin our mission success. Every single one of you in this Wing is a mission stakeholder and in the end, the entire wing must come together to support whatever it is we are tasked to do.   

For the vision statement, the word “committed” signifies our oath to the Constitution, a deep commitment to our Air Force, the Core Values, our Wing and each other.  “Ready” signifies resilient airmen who are trained, equipped and prepared to conduct the nation’s business, whenever and wherever needed.   

The wing’s enduring priorities of Mission, People and Culture remain unchanged.  We are working the lines of effort which will support each priority and will have more on that soon. We’re proud of the work that has gone into crafting these new mission and vision statements and appreciate each of your inputs!"

Col. Christopher M. Zidek, 302 AW commander & Chief Master Sgt. Kahn Scalise, 302 AW command chief