Counter-trafficking in persons

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Craig Christian
  • 21st Security Forces Squadron
Human trafficking is present throughout the United States and is far more prevalent in Colorado than one might think. During the first seven months of 2017, 40 people in Colorado faced charges for sexual exploitation of minors including pimping of a child for sexual exploitation, pandering of a child and other child prostitution charges.

Offenses related to the human trafficking of a minor involve selling and purchasing sex, transporting, recruiting, and enticing a juvenile to participate in a sexual scheme that often results in a financial benefit or something of value. The three most common forms of human trafficking are forced labor, sex trafficking and child soldiering. Female juvenile prostitution continues to be the most prevalent type of human trafficking in the local area.

Victims are often recruited at a young age and thrown into trafficking. Signs that a youth is possibly being trafficked include spending significant time with older males, receiving gifts from older males and being offered hotel rooms. Most victims may not realize that they are in a trafficking situation until it is too late for them to separate themselves from their pimp or madam.

As a member of the Colorado Springs community, you can assist the victims of this crime by reporting trafficking activity. Contact the 21st Security Forces Squadron Investigations at 719-556-7060 to report trafficking behavior.