Random acts of kindness know no season

DOBBINS AIR RESERVE BASE, Ga. -- The Holidays are over, that glorious time of celebration, family and the season of giving.

There is no other time of year that brings us the simple joy of giving, reaching out to loved ones, friends, and even to strangers. Who among us can resist the call of the bell ringer, standing in the cold beside the kettle of donations, the gentle reminder that there are those around us who are far less fortunate?

As we approach mid-winter, I urge you all to remember that just because the holiday season is over, the need for reaching out, for giving, for random acts of kindness know no season.

These are still tough times for many. Homelessness and hopelessness, despair and need do not disappear with the lights and tinsel we have stored away until next Christmas. In fact, the post-holiday period can be the toughest time of the year for many, as people find themselves overextended emotionally and financially, while the hope of Spring seems a long way off.

With this in mind, give thanks for what you have and recommit yourself to reaching out to the less fortunate.

Sometimes a pat on the back and a "hey, how's it going?" can do the trick. Sometimes, reaching into your wallet for a few extra dollars for the charity of your choice can make all the difference to someone who just needs a helping hand.