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  • Resiliency: Our safety net

    The other day while visiting the base exchange I met an old friend I hadn't seen in 20 years. We were stationed together at the Air Force Academy as young Airmen and we had dorm rooms only a couple rooms apart. He retired a couple years back as a first sergeant but his civil service job keeps him involved in the Air Force and its current events.
  • Operational readiness inspection, our opportunity to demonstrate professionalism, skill

    Our Wing's Operational Readiness Inspection is scheduled for October 2012. While that might seem like a long time away, it is right around the corner. The ORI is simply the culmination of more than two years of preparation with a series of training and exercises designed to continuously increase our proficiency. An ORI is the Air Force's way to
  • The relevance of OPSEC

    During the Vietnam War, a special team was established to address the alarming number of pilot casualties and aircraft lost from enemy attacks. The team, known as "Purple Dragon," was established to take a critical look at operational tactics and mission planning. What the team eventually discovered was a host of "open source" information that
  • Recent civic leader tour aims to keep local community informed, key to continued success

    On July 21st, 28 local civic leaders traveled to Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., for the 2011 932nd Airlift Wing/375th Air Mobility Wing community outreach tour. The tour is designed to educate civic leaders about their United States Air Force and to enhance their understanding of Scott Air Force Base missions. The tour included a visit to the U.S.
  • Yellow Ribbon, help for familes before and after deployments

    This year more than 300 members of the 302nd Airlift Wing have been, are or will be deployed. As Air Force Reservists working to balance civilian jobs, family commitments and the Reserve, deployments are significant life events. With the conversion from Reserve to active duty status, deployments also entitle the member and family members to a
  • Need reasons to exercise?

    Is all of this exercise really worth the effort? Can't this be a whole lot easier? When will we be able to keep fit while lounging in the recliner? There are too many days when we are tempted to skip the workout. How many of you have said, "I'll start tomorrow?" How many days ago was yesterday? Well, tomorrow is now and the recliner will last
  • Leading with cancer

    Six months ago I would have never used leadership and cancer in the same sentence. I would likely have not even used these two words in the same week. That was before Dec. 13, 2010. I am a wing commander and I am working through colon cancer. I'll be honest; if not in my current position I would have done my best to hide this illness from all but
  • We got him - never forget

    We got him! A watershed moment in the history of the United States, as America's Navy Seals were able to covertly land in a compound in Pakistan and kill Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 terror attacks that claimed thousands of American lives. As the president made the official announcement on May 1 -- "May Day" -- it made me
  • Are you ready?

    A major focus for our Wing in 2011 will be the preparation and planning for the Wing's Operational Readiness Inspection scheduled for October 2012. The ORI is conducted to evaluate and measure the ability of units with a wartime, contingency or force sustainment mission to perform an operations plan and assigned tasks. It will test our ability to
  • What our reserve force brings to the fight

    As commander of the 315th Airlift Wing here I sometimes wonder how many people actually know what we, in the Air Force Reserve, bring to the fight. We wear the same uniform, we use the same equipment, we maintain the same training requirements and we proudly serve side-by-side on deployments, in times of war and during humanitarian emergencies. We