Image shows four people on ramp of large aircraft while in flight


  • 302nd Airlift Wing recognized as outstanding unit

    In early May I received word from Lt. Gen. Charles E. Stenner, Jr., Air Force Reserve Commander, the members of the 302nd Airlift Wing had earned the 2011 Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. We were one of only two C-130 wings and one of only ten Air Force Reserve organizations to receive this

  • Days of remembrance

    The month of April has been designated in our country to observe a particular experience profoundly marking our history, known as the Holocaust or Days of Remembrance. Most people understand the terrible atrocities from this chapter in history, but maybe we should explore the importance of observing

  • It's show time, the ORE is upon us

    The stage has been set, the players identified, we've rehearsed and now we are ready to proceed. With only two Unit Training Assemblies before our Operational Readiness Exercise, we are now fine tuning our processes and making a detailed review of our individual readiness. It's the attention to

  • Never saw this coming: Lessons learned in trying times

    I had the world by the tail: U. S. Air Force Academy graduate, Air Force pilot, six-time commander, 30-year Air Force career, and two stars; fit, healthy and strong. But subtle problems appeared out of nowhere: occasional vertigo, mild persistent headaches, cognitive challenges, having to stop

  • The history of the challenge coin, built on a legend

    Throughout my many years as an Air Force historian, I've heard a number of stories about how the challenge coin came to be. The Roman Empire presented coins to honor exceptional service similar to today's military and civilian medals. Stories of American servicemen carrying special coins to remember

  • Better health through relationships

    People are affected by other people. It is, in part, up to us, whether or not our relationships will be construed as healthy or harmful.Because we are socially integrated within the military, it is to our benefit to develop quality relationships that positively affect our behavior. As Air Force

  • It's an election year, what can I do?

    This year is an election year and as a military member or federal government employee, it is likely you have questions about your involvement in the political process.  DoD Directive 1344.10 governs how military members (Active, Reserve, Guard, or retired) should conduct themselves in the political

  • The enemy in the fox hole

    Grappling with how to prevent sexual assault, we rightly focus on the positive impact of appropriate bystander/wingman intervention as well as how potential victims can reduce their risk. Another important avenue is to understand a significant barrier to prevention. That barrier is the denial that

  • Recognizing, understanding, valuing diversity add to mission success

    When was the last time you noticed that someone you talked to was very different from you? Did you feel the person was right or wrong because of the differences between you? Our Air Force is a very diverse team with people from all walks of life.According to Dr. Stephen B. Knouse, professor at the

  • A Vietnam veteran's experience shared

    It was an honor for my family and me to travel to Vietnam with retired Army Col. Bill McPherson our 34th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron Honorary Commander this past September. It was certainly a trip we would never have undertaken were it not for our relationship with Colonel McPherson. I have