Image shows four people on ramp of large aircraft while in flight


  • Why?

    Why do I need suicide prevention training? I know for certain I am not going to commit suicide. Why do I need sexual assault and prevention training repeatedly? I am confident I will not harass a fellow member, especially one of my troops, or find myself at a party as portrayed in the vignettes in

  • SAPR: More than an Air Force Acronym

    As an Airman and a senior leader in the Air Force Reserve, I've seen firsthand the devastating impacts of sexual assault on an Air Force organization. Regardless of your unit or military status, Active or Reserve, no one is immune to these impacts nor absolved of their responsibility to combat the

  • Safety - it’s worth a second thought

    CAVALIER AFS, North Dakota -- Safety is a topic we talk about often, and with the busy summer season upon us, we'll hear about it even more. We all know it's important, but when you hear safety messages over and over, it's easy for them to go in one ear and out the other. Everyone knows to be safe,

  • Experience key to tackling challenges

    A common theme across the Air Force today is efficiency. We are consistently trying to improve operations while saving money and manpower while maintaining our role as the world's greatest Air Force. Throughout the past year, I have had the privilege of working on an efficiency that has never

  • Honoring our military children

    In 1986, Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger designated each April as "The Month of the Military Child." The purpose of the month is to reach out and recognize the contributions that military children make as they support their parent, or parents, in service to our country. Accordingly, at

  • Three tips to be a good supervisor

    With our country still at war and the fewest people we've had since the creation of our service, we need good supervisors to lead today and to develop our leaders for tomorrow. Being a good supervisor is not easy. It takes time, dedication and patience to gain a subordinate's trust, respect and

  • Integrity part of personal standards

    As Airmen, integrity is our first core value. It is often considered a cornerstone of good moral character. Integrity is sometimes defined as doing the right thing even when no one is watching. This definition of integrity is credited to writer C.S. Lewis and is sometimes relegated to a slogan used

  • Celebrating diversity in our Air Force

    As I contemplated this article and the fact that it would be published during February, which is African American/Black History Month, I thought at first that perhaps I'm not the best candidate to write this. After all, I'm not African-American or any other ethnic minority. But upon further

  • Seasons greetings from 302nd Airlift Wing commander

    Flexibility, or the ability to adapt without breaking has been a theme and way of life within the wing throughout 2013 and especially during the last quarter of this year. The civilian furlough days, partial government shutdown and lapse in funding at the start of fiscal year 2014 created challenges

  • Commander sends holiday season greetings to Citizen Airmen

    As we finish this year and look forward to the next, I want to thank you for your outstanding commitment and professionalism. You and your fellow Citizen Airmen clearly displayed a "service before self" attitude.From sequestration to the government shutdown, the budget challenges were numerous. I