Image shows four people on ramp of large aircraft while in flight


  • Spring time for growth, transformation

    As a Florida native, I can't wait for spring each year.....a time to pull out the summer wardrobe and ski without all those layers. I also love the opportunity to hike with the spring flowers.Seeing the new buds on the trees, I'm reminded how these plants can resemble our own story. For months I ran

  • Slow your roll, drivers -- there are walkers about

    I won't walk on your car if you don't drive on my feet. Deal?I like to walk. Fresh air, sunshine and exercise without the need to shower or wear spandex.Peterson Air Force Base, as it turns out, is a remarkable place for walking. The base's tree-lined streets are almost universally equipped with

  • The test of three

    At a recent commander's call, I outlined how I expect the members of the 21st Medical Operations Squadron to treat one another. In preparing for the topic, I ran across a story about rumors which ostensibly originated with Socrates. I found the story applicable not only in terms of customer service

  • Who goes to War?

    The conditions at International Security Assistance Force headquarters varied between friendly and toxic.  Two 107 millimeter rockets exploded near us in our first few hours on the ground.  Many of us got sick because of bad bottled water - the kind we buy because it's supposed to be safe. 

  • Leading by example

    I am a big fan of inspirational quotes to keep my compass pointed to my true north. I keep a few favorites on my desk so that I see them every day. Certainly, some of them are platitudes that are better cross-stitched and hanging in my favorite aunt's kitchen than guiding my daily operations, as

  • Random acts of kindness know no season

    The Holidays are over, that glorious time of celebration, family and the season of giving.There is no other time of year that brings us the simple joy of giving, reaching out to loved ones, friends, and even to strangers. Who among us can resist the call of the bell ringer, standing in the cold

  • Be a courageous Wingman

    In the 27 years I've been a part of the Air Force, I've unfortunately seen many friends, co-workers, and subordinates make criminal mistakes that damaged their own careers and sometimes the lives of others. In each of those cases, I would think, "Did that person have a wingman and if so, what was

  • My choice, my story, my pledge

    As we prepare to kick-off this year's Combined Federal Campaign, think about the local charities and the services they provide. Think of the families who utilize those services. My family was one of them.My father was diagnosed with cancer when I was in junior high school. As a child it was hard to

  • The journey to forgiveness is a worthwhile path

     In a comedy sketch, Bill Cosby tells a story where his daughter did something she knew she wasn't supposed to do--when he confronted the child, "why did you do that?" the child answered, "I don't know!"  It's not just children.  Author Donald Antrim wrote, "Human beings in stressful relationships

  • Every Airman has a role in preventing sexual assault

    Sexual assault is a crime and impacts the very trust and respect that is integral to our profession. For our Air Force to be successful, we must trust each other. All it takes is one incident of assault to break that bond of trust, but it takes all of us to work together to solve the issue.In the