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  • Spending more on gifts won’t bring more holiday happiness

    It’s not new advice and you’ve likely heard it before, please be wise and responsible when giving gifts this year, and don’t jeopardize your long-term financial foundation in the name of short-term gain by buying stuff that you can’t afford. Let’s acknowledge that the holidays aren’t about giving and getting gifts anyway. You want to treat your
  • Foundation of Freedom

    The U.S. Constitution is the Foundation of Freedom.
  • Good night, mom

    At the time, I did not realize how important it was to have a support system. I also didn’t understand the concept that family didn’t have to be related and could be anyone who cared enough to make sure you were okay.
  • Political season do's and don't's for Reservists

    With the presidential election upon us, everyone is encouraged to vote – including those in the military. “The Department of Defense has a longstanding policy of encouraging DoD personnel to carry out the obligations of citizenship,” according to DoD officials. However, civil servants and military members are held to a high standard and can’t
  • From the Top: Passing the Torch

    The ending of any assignment is bittersweet, and the end of this one is no different. As I prepare to transition into the next phase with my family, I am excited but also a bit sad. We have accomplished so much together over the last four years, and it will be hard to leave the incredible people and families in our Air Force Reserve. However, I am
  • Chief's View: Own Your Career; Own Your Path

    I believe it is absolutely critical for you to know what I value as your chief and what we are doing at the headquarters to help our Airmen succeed. My job is to provide you the tools, training and support you need to have a successful Air Force career, but to do that, you need to be proactive and own your own path. I want to take this opportunity
  • Focus on Wildfire Safety: Protect Yourself and Your Community

    Did you know Smokey Bear is turning 72 years old this year and has over 330,000 friends on Facebook and more than 24,000 people following him on Twitter?Yes, the fictional character and his long-running ad campaign to create awareness about preventing wildfires is still going strong. Most of us remember his original signature line "Only You Can
  • Citizen Airmen providing superior global reach

    That’s the 302nd Airlift Wing’s mission statement and it succinctly sums up who we are and what we do. When given the opportunity to present our wing’s mission briefing to distinguished visitors, elected officials and community leaders, I place emphasis on the phrase “Citizen Airmen.” I remind them that the members of the Air Force Reserve
  • "Under Pressure"

    We saw 2016 begin with the loss of rock-n-roll legend David Bowie, and while listening to my satellite radio's "Bowie tribute" last month I was inspired to title my article after one of his hit songs. I find it particularly relevant because everyone, whether yourself, co-worker, family member, or the person waiting next to you in line at the store
  • Diversity: A defining strength

    In the history of American society, our diversity has been one of our greatest strengths and greatest struggles. The concept that our forefathers had for this country, one that is free and diverse, has been doubted many times. For example, Adolf Hitler believed that the melting pot nature of the United States would ultimately lead to our downfall,