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  • Up, up, and away!

    The lights dim, the engine roars, and you snuggle down into your field jacket for a 5-hour flight to somewhere in the U.S. At least that is where you are really going but the scenario is that you are flying to a foreign country to set up a base to support our nation. You can't snack on anything on the aircraft like you normally do because the
  • Understanding processes can alleviate frustration

    The Medical Evaluation Board, World Wide Duty and Line of Duty processes are very confusing and time consuming. Having some understanding of what they are, and how they work may help alleviate some of the frustration. The 302nd Aeromedical Staging Squadron works diligently to make this process as painless as possible. If you have questions, please
  • Your sacrifices make our team successful

    It has been more than eight months since I became the chief servant of the 302nd Airlift Wing - what a great experience it's been. As we prepare for the holiday season, I have the opportunity to reflect on the past year's accomplishments. Recently, we had nearly 500 reservists deactivate after two long years (cumulative). Although our wing still
  • Mentors are priceless resources

    There was this one UTA where it seemed I was being pulled in every direction. I remember it clearly because it was during the Christmas holiday season. I tend to be overly ambitious, and had volunteered to set things up and pick things up on and off base, in addition to doing my regular duties at the unit. I thought I was going to have a heart
  • Grasp opportunities to sponge from mentors

    Do you ever wonder why some people seem to advance in their careers faster than others? Hmmm. Are they better at doing their primary job than the next guy? Not really. Do you suppose somebody might be helping them advance in their career? It's possible. Although you could advance in your career without the help of others, it could be a very rough
  • Total Force Integration bringing change - and opportunity!

    I have been very fortunate throughout my Air Force career to work in good jobs for good supervisors. In March, an opportunity to spend a few months at the Headquarters Air Force Directorate of Total Force Integration in Washington D.C. presented itself. Fortunately, my current supervisor happens to be a good one; Lt. Col. Preston felt that the
  • The Prison of Hopelessness

    The Korean War introduced an insidious new strain on prisoners of war. The death rate in the North Korean POW camps was an incredible 38 percent - the highest in U.S. military history. What makes this statistic so hard to fathom is that on the whole POW's were provided with adequate food, water and shelter and for the most part were not subjected
  • Planning for change sets stage for success

    Most of us understand the term or the meaning of "change" and the implications that change brings to our lives. You have heard various terms and phrases such as "things change," "you can't stop change" or "it's better to ride the winds of change or get run over by it!" There are countless books, articles and lectures we've all seen on television
  • Being reservist charges my battery

    I’ve never left after a unit training assembly without learning something. Those two days a month that I spend at Peterson Air Force Base may seem insignificant to some on the outside, but I know they aren’t. As reservists, most of us really do work for most of the month leading up to our drill weekend. If we handle extra duties there’s definitely
  • Maintenance superintendent reflects on desert ‘experience’

    I recently returned from my assigned tour in the desert. Though this is not my first trip TDY, I still left with a lot of apprehension about what we were going to face. Things such as: Working conditions at the deployed location Interfacing with my active duty and Guard counterparts Long working hours Work/rest cycles. How would the aircraft hold