Motorcycle Season is Here!

  • Published
  • By TSgt. Andrew Jackson
  • Space Base Delta 1 Safety Office

The 2024 Motorcycle Season is Here!

With warmer weather approaching, you can expect to see more motorcycles on the road; below are a few things our riders need to take care of before riding again.

  1. Get with your unit Motorcycle Safety Representative (MSR) soon and get the new 2024 Preseason Kickoff Briefing!
    1. MSRs, Contact all of your riders, sweep your units for Ghost riders, and ensure undertrained and new riders get all the assistance they need to stay safe and ride smart!
  2. Review your Motorcycle Unit Safety Tracking Tool (MUSTT) training account and update your training records.
    1. Reviews show that many riders part of Space Base Delta 1 installations have no information or out-of-date training records in MUSTT.
    2. If you are Ghost riding to avoid training, Don’t. It’s not worth the risk to your family or yourself, and the training is free to military members after reimbursement!
  3. Know where you are riding, what the weather conditions and projections are for the areas around your route.
    1. What are the wind, rain, hail, and heat/cold index looking like in the region?
    2. Watch out for the numerous types of wildlife in the Colorado Springs region, from dogs to bears.
  4. Inspect your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and motorcycle before use.
    1. If your equipment has sat all winter, do a full-service check before you put it on, ensuring wildlife and insects are not present.
    2. Consider new and updated safety PPE for riding. Airbag Vests are real and are a lifesaving PPE item now.
  5. We will say it again and again…..Alcohol and Riding NEVER Mix! Alcohol is one of the leading factors in motorcycle crashes and fatalities throughout the Air and Space Forces.
  6. Review the stats here and take them to heart. No one cares more about your safety on the road than YOU!

*From FY21-23: Space Base Delta 1 installations alone had 1 fatality, 107 lost workdays, and over $10M in mishap costs and damages from motorcycle crashes!*

For more information, see the DAF Rider page at or contact your motorcycle safety representative.

For more information about your local riding programs and training reimbursement processes, please get in touch with the SBD 1 Safety Offices at Peterson SFB: 556-4392 or Schriever SFB: 567-SAFE.