AFRC tri-annual BAH re-certification period is here

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We are now in the AFRC tri-annual BAH re-certification period!

This BAH re-certification is IAW DoD FMR Vol 7A, Chapter 26 and AFMAN 65-116, Vol 3, Chapter 13 and it is mandatory for all military personnel. Please note that ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY COB 30 APRIL 2023. Per AFMAN 65-116, Vol 3 Chapter 13, if you do not recertify within 60 days, the Reserve Pay Office will change your with-dependent BAH to without-dependent BAH. We realize this may be short notice for most members, but you still have two months to accomplish this.

If you have updated your BAH information at any point throughout this year with military pay, please let us know and we will work with you so that you do not have to recertify. Additionally, if you are on AGR orders, you do not need to recertify or submit documentation.

Once you complete your re-certification, you must submit your AF Form 594 and any/all supporting documents to the Military Pay Office’s Comptroller Service Portal (CSP) at Examples of supporting documentation would be: birth certificates, marriage licenses, or divorce decrees (if still needed).

Steps for submitting 594 and supporting documents through CSP:

1.    Category: Military Pay
2.    Sub Category: Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) - Recertification
3.    On the AF 594, you are only to complete the first page as the second page is for FM use only
4.    Attach 594 and supporting documents to the inquiry

We will NOT be accepting any re-certification documents over the counter or through email unless you are in ASTS and don’t have a "" email address.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out and give us a call so that we may assist:
Commercial: (719) 556-8187 / 6623
DSN: 834-8187 / 6623