Military & Family Readiness Centers: Taking care of Airmen, Guardians, and Families

  • Published
  • By Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs

On Air and Space Force installations around the world, Military & Family Readiness Centers (M&FRC) are standing by to care for the Department of the Air Force’s most valuable resource: its people.

These hubs, formerly Airman & Family Readiness Centers, help military members and their families as they navigate the rigors of military life by offering information, referrals and myriad other resources.

“With the establishment of the U.S. Space Force and our joint base environments, this name change is important for us to better align resources with our customers,” said Donna Huffman, the Air Force Personnel Center’s Airman and Family Readiness Operations division chief.

The M&FRCs offer members and families access to resources such as the Transition Assistance Program, Personal Financial Readiness, Deployment Support, Employment Assistance, Air Force Families Forever, the Key Spouse Program and more.

“We are dedicated to a mission of building strong members, families, and communities,” Huffman said.  “Strong, ready, resilient Airmen, Guardians and family members are better equipped to face adversity and better prepared to accomplish the mission.”

When a specific need cannot be addressed by the installation, the center serves as a referral hub, helping guide and connect people with the appropriate resource. 

“These centers are the installation’s premier hub for information, referral, resources, and a terrific start to a successful career, eventual transition to civilian life, and everything in between,” Huffman added.

There are 76 active duty M&FRCs worldwide, as well as centers at many Air Force Reserve and National Guard locations. The M&FRC teams are dedicated experts who equip families by providing educational/skills development and resources to manage personal and work life decisions.

While specific programming may vary slightly at different locations, the core programs and service delivery are standardized across the installations.

To learn more about Military and Family Readiness Center resources or events, contact your local M&FRC or visit