Updated COVID-19 Guidance

  • Published
  • By 302nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs

SUBJECT: Peterson-Schriever Garrison Public Health Directive #9

1. The following measures are added to emphasize continued efforts to adapt installation policies to appropriately balance protecting base personnel while ensuring continued mission effectiveness and quality of life. P-S Garrison Public Health Directive #9 is effective immediately.

2. The following Public Health Directive measures are in effect for Peterson SFB, Schriever SFB, and Cheyenne Mountain SFS.

    a. The installation will move to HPCON Alpha. Indoor mask-wear is no longer required for DoD personnel or visitors on installation property IAW Attachment 1 given the CDC COVID-19 Community Level for El Paso County is deemed medium.

    b. All other force health protection guidance currently remains in effect, including guidance regarding workplace access, occupancy levels, physical distancing, travel, and meetings. Updated DoD guidance regarding the aforementioned matters is being addressed.

    c. Commanders/directors are authorized to increase in-person manning to 100% of non-mission essential personnel. Telework is permitted based on commander’s discretion. Face-to-face meetings are authorized.

    d. Currently, Department of the Air Force gatherings continue to be limited to no more than fifty socially-distanced participants. If more than fifty participants are desired, a waiver from the Under Secretary of the Air Force is required. This DOES NOT include exercises or military training events.

    e. Staff and attendees of Child Development Centers and Youth Programs are subject to the following guidance:

        - Confirmed positive tests shall isolate at home for ten days if unable to wear a mask. If able to wear a mask, they shall isolate for five days and must wear a mask in the classroom for the next five days, with day zero being the date of the positive test or first onset of symptoms, whichever came first.

        - Close contacts of positive cases, as determined by CDC staff in consultation with Public Health, shall be monitored for the onset of symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection but will not be subject to quarantine in the absence of symptoms. If symptoms develop, the child or staff member in question should be tested for infection and isolated according to the paragraph above if positive.

    f. Fitness centers have returned to normal operations. Masking is no longer required during any fitness activities.

    g. Fitness assessments have resumed as of 1 Mar 22. All members who were due for fitness testing during the pause are now due to test NLT 31 Mar 22.

    h. Regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status, personnel who test positive for COVID-19 will remain out of the workplace for at least five calendar days. Day zero is the day of the test result or first full day of symptoms, whichever comes first. Individuals may return to the workplace after day five, if either: (1) they have no symptoms; or (2) if they are without a fever for more than 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and any remaining symptoms are resolving. Mask wear must continue for an additional five calendar days.

    i. Asymptomatic personnel determined to be a close contact (as determined by 21 MDG Public Health and CDC guidelines) to an individual who tests positive for COVID-19 and who: (1) are unvaccinated; or (2) have not received a recommended COVID-19 booster dose when eligible; or (3) do not have a documented COVID-19 infection within the past 90 days, will remain out of the workplace on quarantine for five calendar days and should wear a mask for the next five days after returning to the workplace. Personnel must continue to monitor symptoms and notify their leadership, take a COVID-19 test, and contact 21 MDG Public Health if symptoms develop.

3. This policy supersedes any previously published Peterson-Schriever Garrison public health directives but does not impact any declaration of a public health emergency. P-S Garrison will continue to follow higher headquarters, DoD force health protection guidance, and state or country policy as published. This includes, but is not limited to, mask wear while within medical facilities and OCONUS travel-related testing requirements, which are adjusted periodically as the COVID-19 pandemic fluctuates.