AFI 36-2903 Updates

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View the complete AFI 36-2903 for more details. The summary of changes section reads as follows as of Dec. 3, 2021:

This interim change revises DAFI 36-2903 by adding Chief of Staff of the Air Force-approved Air Force Virtual Uniform Board items, standardizing guidance for the maintenance duty uniform, republishing guidance from Department of the Air Force guidance memorandum for female hair standards, and incorporating other needed corrections identified in the DAFI. Specifically, it 

1) allows hands in pockets while standing or walking and beverage consumption as indicated while walking; 
2) changes male hair bulk standard to 2.5 inches; 
3) authorizes female hair accessories up to a 2-inch width; 
4) regulates female eyelash extensions to natural eyelash color, not to exceed 14 millimeters in length; 
5) authorizes permanent cosmetics for men, scalp only; 
6) authorizes commanders to allow tucking of Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) coat for duty as necessary and folding of cuff twice inward; 
7) authorizes wear of Velcro® pen/pencil holders on OCP sleeves; 
8) authorizes wear of morale patches on OCP and Two-Piece Flight Duty Uniform (2PFDU); 
9) authorizes unit patch or organizational symbol on OCP t-shirt; 
10) authorizes wear of tactical cap; 
11) authorizes sew-on nametapes and insignia on OCP fleece; 
12) authorizes wear of transparent piercing spacers; 
13) authorizes a ring to be worn on the thumb; 
14) authorizes use of cell phone while walking; 
15) authorizes wear of beret while performing duties outside of Primary Air Force Specialty Code (PAFSC) for applicable beret-wearing AFSCs; 
16) authorizes females optional wear of hosiery with dress uniforms; 
17) authorizes wear of sweatband with physical training gear; 
18) authorizes permanent wear of USAF Honor Guard badge for Airmen with an 8G000 and 85G0 AFSC; 
19) authorizes foreign aviation, medical insignia and parachutist badge to be worn outside of conferring country; 
20) grants commanders of 2A, 2F, 2G, 2M, 2P, 2S, 2T, 2W, 3E, 3D, and 1P AFSC members authority to allow wear of sage maintenance duty uniform; 
21) adds wear policy for multi-domain warfare badge; 
22) clarifies wear of Air Advisor tab; 
23) authorizes wear of Inter-American Air Forces Academy badge; 
24) authorizes physical training gear short and long sleeve shirts to be worn tucked or untucked; 
25) Clarified instructions for beards allowed for medical reason; and 
26) Clarified instruction regarding authorized male and female hair color.

A margin bar (|) indicates newly revised material.