2021-2022 Hazardous Weather Procedures

  • Published
  • By Emily Klinkenborg, Public Affairs Specialist
  • Peterson-Schriever Garrison Public Affairs

The Peterson-Schriever Garrison commander has issued updated hazardous weather procedures for the 2021-2022 winter season.

The memorandum outlines delayed reporting, phased early release, and base closure guidance for all military and civilian personnel assigned to or performing duty at Peterson Space Force Base, Schriever SFB, and Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station in Colorado.

Unit commanders must designate personnel as either mission essential or non-essential for purposes of reporting during hazardous weather conditions.

Mission essential personnel include, but are not limited to firefighters, security forces, command and control, snow removal, medical, dining facility, and designated child care and shift personnel. Non-essential personnel include those who can be delayed for short periods of time without serious mission impact.

Delayed reporting authorizes non-essential personnel an additional two hours to safely report to duty; which allows on-base snow removal teams to prepare the installation for normal activity following a major winter storm. Non-essential personnel are to arrive on base NO EARLIER than 9:30 a.m. regardless of normal duty hours.

In situations that call for an early release, Peterson SFB personnel will be released from duty in phases according to their residency zone. Schriever SFB and Cheyenne Mountain SFS will be released at commander's discretion. The 30-minute interval phases will reduce traffic congestion and increase safety during inclement weather.

Base closure procedures authorize only mission essential personnel to report for duty.


Road conditions are defined as follows:

  • Road Condition GREEN: Roads are clear. No unusual conditions for vehicle operations exist.
  • Road Condition YELLOW: Indicates conditions of limited visibility (less than 300 feet) or slick, snow-covered roads. Conditions require increased awareness by vehicle operators. Vehicle headlights will be turned on and all personnel must take necessary driving precautions.
  • Road Condition RED: Indicates conditions of extremely limited visibility or icy roads with deep snow. Vehicle movement will be limited to mission essential only. Vehicle speeds will be no faster than absolutely necessary. All vehicle operators must use headlights and extreme caution. Security forces are not to enforce traffic stops.
  • Road Condition BLACK: Indicates condition of extreme hazard on roadways. Only emergency vehicles responding to an emergency and civil engineer snow clearing equipment will operate on base roads.


Personnel will be notified of the weather call through text notification systems, AtHoc; civilian media, FlashNews; installation public websites; and the Snow Call telephone line at (719) 556-7669 (SNOW), after a hazardous weather determination is made by the P-S GAR commander.

For more information about the 2021-2022 Hazardous Weather Procedures please visit the “Snow Call and Weather Forecast” page on either the Schriever SFB or the Peterson SFB websites.