Peterson visitor pass procedures

  • Published
  • By Tim Omdal, 21st Security Forces Squadron
  • 21st Space Wing Public Affairs

With the Holiday season comes family and friends visiting personnel who live on Peterson Air Force Base. To help us get your family members on base, please review the procedures outlined below.
Any authorized card holder — Department of Defense military personnel, DoD civilians, military retirees, or adult dependents — are authorized to sponsor visitors to have unescorted entry onto Peterson AFB. There are three different methods.
The first is to physically meet their guest at the Visitor Control Center during duty hours, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and sponsor them for a visitor pass, which will allow them to enter the base for the duration of their visit (not to exceed 60 days). The guest will need to produce valid photo identification so the VCC clerk can conduct a National Criminal Identification Check before the clerk will issue a pass. The guest will also need to show proof of vehicle registration and insurance if they are going to be driving their personally owned vehicle onto base. When the VCC is closed, personnel at the west gate can issue a pass for up to 72 hours.
The second method is widely known as the trusted traveler procedure. The base commander has authorized card holders to vouch for all vehicle occupants entering the installation and to escort them on base without identity proofing, vetting or pass issuance. Guests within the vehicle must have a photo identification. Escorts are responsible for all actions of all occupants in their vehicle or pedestrians if walking, as well as for meeting all security requirements. Personnel escorted within the installation are not issued an installation pass and must stay within the physical custody of the escort, the sponsor’s residence, or the adjacent, immediate public areas of the sponsor’s residence. Escorted individuals must remain in the control of the escort.
The third is for a card holder to report to the VCC and complete a pre-visit request. Within the next 30 days, the guest may then report to the VCC to receive a visitor pass.
For questions on visitor passes and special event requests, please contact the Visitor Control Center at 719-556-6660