Air Force Recruiting creates classic association

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Chance Babin
  • Air Force Recruiting Service Public Affairs

Air Force Recruiting Service reached a major milestone Oct. 1 when AFRS and Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service formed a classic associate partnership to bolster effectiveness and combine strategies.

As part of the association, AFRC Recruiting Service will align its four recruiting squadrons to become the 367th Recruiting Group. The 367th RCG will now be the fourth group under the AFRS umbrella.

Since 2017, Air Force Recruiting has been working toward integrating all of its recruiting functions. The goal is for all of the Air Force recruiting organizations – Regular Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Air Force Academy admissions, Air Force civilian hiring and Air Force ROTC – to integrate strategies and activities to present a unified Total Force presence in each recruiting market.

As part of the new agreement, a Total Force Integration Cell was formed to manage the execution of strategic integration enablers here.

“The Air Force is taking an enterprise approach to recruiting our nation’s best,” said Col. Thomas Butler, AFRS chief of integration. “It has created a fusion across the Total Force to improve talent acquisition and operational effectiveness. The drive is to combine the six recruiting networks when and where it makes sense, cut out duplication, and create unified strategies to build and maintain the world’s best Air Force.

“For the Total Force, it will mean bigger networks and better recruiting coverage. For the recruiter, it will mean leveraging off one another’s strengths. And for the American public, it will mean parity in our message: America’s Air Force – serve full- or part-time, in or out of uniform, as an officer, enlisted member or civilian.”

In addition to adding the 367th RCG, Reserve personnel are being integrated at AFRS headquarters here in key leadership positions and within divisions with key staff areas.

An official reflagging of AFRC Recruiting Service to the 367th RCG is scheduled to take place later this year.