Peterson AFB begins Year of the Defender initiative

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Emily Kenney
  • 21st Space Wing Public Affairs

During the 2018 Air Space Cyber Conference, Gen. David Golfein, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, told spectators, “We must always take integrated and layered base defense to a new level by increasing investment in our defenders with new equipment, new training, new tactics, techniques, and procedures, and renewed focus at every echelon of command. This is the year of the Defender because we don't project power without the network of bases and infrastructure needed to execute multi-domain operations."

In line with the CSAF’s sentiments and the Air Force’s Reconstitute Defender Initiative, the 21st Security Forces Squadron will be reviewing eight improvement areas, ranging from human capital to technology integration to better improve operations. In support of the RDI, the Air Force has allotted more than $3 million to the 21st Space Wing alone.

“Ultimately our Airmen are our greatest asset,” said Lt. Col. David Knight, 21st SFS commander. “The RDI will allow us to focus on what we can do to make our Airmen most effective – whether that is through providing them with new M18 handguns, or working with Colorado Springs law enforcement agencies to integrate more LE training into our operations – we want to utilize all of our resources to support our Airmen and make them most mission-effective.”

Along with the RDI, the Year of the Defender initiative will highlight the different facets of Security Forces and the renewed focus on training and equipping defenders across the wing.

Additionally, the Year of the Defender will provide Airmen a better understanding of what Security Forces does as a whole in defending the Air Force’s most geographically dispersed wing.

“When we look at the mission of the 21st SW, there is one aspect I want to focus on specifically, and that’s defending the homeland,” said Col. Todd Moore, 21st SW commander. “With such a global mission, the defense of the homeland begins with the defense of Thule AB, Cheyenne Mountain AFS, Clear AFB, Cavalier AFB, Cape Cod AFB, and Peterson AFB.  It begins and ends with the Airmen who proudly earn and wear the blue beret at each of our Missile Warning and Missile Defense Radars.”

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