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Jackie Wickham is the new Exceptional Family Member Program coordinator at the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Building 350, on Peterson Air Force Base. The Air Force added 35 EFMP coordinators this year to help Airmen and their families navigate the various agencies and services on and off base for children and adults with special medical or educational needs. Ms. Wickham can be reached at 556-6141. (U.S. Air Force photo/Monica Mendoza) EFMP helps guide special needs families through processes
You can think of Jackie Wickham as a personal process guide for Air Force and sister families assigned to Peterson Air Force Base, navigating the maze of agencies and services available to people with special needs.She is the Exceptional Family Member coordinator on Peterson Air Force Base, a new position to the base and to the Air Force. She is
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Army Col. (ret.) Bill McPherson is the honorary commander for the 34th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. Colonel McPherson proudly displayed and gave tours of his restored UH-1 (M) 'Huey' to 302nd Airlift Wing families during the wing's Family Day at Peterson Air Force Base on Saturday of the August Unit Training Assembly. (U.S. Air Force photo/Ann Skarban) An extraordinary partnership, forged by the bonds of survival
At first glance, Bill McPherson appears to be a simple, outgoing, southern Colorado community leader with a deep appreciation for local military members.But it's only after you get to know this highly-decorated Army veteran who retired as a colonel after 30 years of service and his story of being shot down in Vietnam that you learn just how close
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The Air Force Reserve Command's Human Resources Development Council emblem. (U.S. Air Force graphic) Services Airman gains valuable experience from 'Women in Aviation'
Air Force Reservist Senior Airman Cindy Rojas has always been a go getter. "My mom always reminds me about the time when I was eight and she asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told her I wanted to be the big boss." After a quick smile, Airman Rojas reveals just ten years later, she became the big boss.At the age of 18, Airman Rojas
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The use of interactive technology in the Air Force is on the rise, and Airmen are encouraged to embrace the different cyber outlets available to them. Ranging from access to internal Air Force sites with a variety of personnel functions to communicating through social media and social networking sites, these emerging technologies are changing the way Americans, the Air Force and Airmen conduct their day-to-day business (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Staff Sgt. Stephen J. Collier) Emerging technologies (and why you should embrace them)
Don't forget to update your CEI in vPC-GR before the end of the UTA."Yes, that is English and it does make sense, but do you understand it? Other than "UTA," many members of the 302nd Airlift Wing may not know what to do if their commander makes this statement. The alphabet soup can be confusing especially since the number of on-line systems
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Peterson will be hosting a African American/ Black History Month luncheon on Feb. 24, 11 a.m., at the Club. (courtesy artwork) HISTORY HIGHLIGHT: African American Airmen make Air Force history
There is no better way to celebrate African American History Month than to look at how the Air Force has benefited from the contributions of African American Airmen.One of the first African American pilots to make history was Eugene Jacques Bullard. In August 1917, 30 years before the Air Force became an individual branch of the U.S. military,
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Chief Master Sgt. James D. Riley, chief loadmaster with the Air Force Reserve’s 302nd Airlift Wing steps away from a PT-47, a modified version of the DC-3 at Phitsanulok Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand.  As a child, Chief Riley visited the same aircraft with his Thai neighbor.  The Chief returned to Thailand as one of seven members of the Air Force Reserve’s 302 AW, based at Peterson AFB, Colo. to provide expert training to RTAF members on safe and effective C-130 MAFFS operations.  This event marks the first time the Air Force Reserve has sent delegates to train a foreign Air Force on use of the MAFFS equipment. (U.S. Air Force photo/Capt. Jody L. Ritchie) Returning home
James Riley was four years old, sitting at the dinner table in his Chicago home, when he first heard the word "Thailand." His father had just received a U.S. government job offer at Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in central Thailand and was asking his family if they wanted to go. "I had no idea where Thailand was, but everyone else wanted to go
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Benefits afforded to members of the Air Force Reserve range in the many. For more information on these benefits, visit www.302aw.afrc.af.mil for more information. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Staff Sgt. Stephen J. Collier) What's in it for you? Military service offers many benefits Airmen might not know about
After agreeing to a life-long commitment, whether it be a job, an educational goal or even the Air Force Reserve, have you ever asked yourself: what's in it for me?Citizen Airmen, those volunteers that make up the Air Force Reserve, have raised their right hands time and time again in service to their country. And everyone has a different reason.
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Elizabeth Jones, coordinator for the 302nd Airlift Wing's Key Spouse Program, recently sat down for an interview with the wing's magazine staff, the Front Range Flyer. She answered questions about issues facing Air Force Reserve families and what she felt about current support programs for Reservists. Mrs. Jones is the wife of Col. Kurt Jones, 302nd Operations Group commander. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Stephen J. Collier) '5 QUESTIONS': Meet Mrs. Elizabeth Jones
(Editor's note: Mrs. Elizabeth Jones recently took on the position of the 302nd Airlift Wing's Key Spouse Program coordinator. The Key Spouse Program supports family members of Reservists with a variety of programs and networks.)It's a big challenge to take on, but Elizabeth Jones has no other intention but to succeed. The wife of Col. Kurt Jones,
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BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -- Army Spc. Kevin Leaman (left), a vehicle maintainer with the Fourth Infantry Division, poses for a photo with his dad, Tech. Sgt. Thomas Leaman (right), the fuels mobility support equipment shop non-commissioned officer in charge of the 455th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron.  Sergeant Leaman is an Air Force Reservist deployed from the 302nd Airlift Wing at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo.  Specialist Leaman is deployed from Fort Carson, Colo.  (Courtesy Photo) Father, son meet in Afghanistan
There's a saying that a parent would do anything for his children, and that even includes deploying to war.During the "Year of the Air Force Family," Tech. Sgt. Thomas Leaman, an Air Force Reservist from the 302nd Airlift Wing at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., decided he needed to be with his son -- in Afghanistan.Sergeant Leaman, the
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Tech. Sgt. Brent Renholm, 302nd Operations Group life support technician, races his ATV March 13-15 through the desert sands of Baja California in Mexico during the 23rd ANNUAL TECATE SCORE San Felipe 250 all-terrain motor race. As first-time racers, both Sergeant Renholm and a friend placed 10th in their division during the race. (Courtesy photo) AF Reservist accomplishes racing dream in Mexican desert
One dream born out of tragedy, another raised in the sands of Kuwait both came to realization for both a former U.S. Army veteran and a 302nd Airlift Wing Air Force Reservist March 13-15 in the deserts of San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. The 23rd Annual TECATE SCORE San Felipe 250 all-terrain vehicle motor race was something Tech. Sgt. Brent
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